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Fashion blog

A fashion blog can cover many topics, such as exclusive items of clothing and accessories, beauty tips, trends in various apparel markets (haute couture, prêt-à-porter, etc.), celebrity fashion choices, and street fashion trends.

What is the most popular fashion blog?

These are the top 10 most famous and trendy fashion bloggers:
Egg canvas
Fashion guitar
Girl with curves
Harper and Harley
Hello fashion
My Fashion Diary
One Dapper Street
Gracie Mercedes

How do you write a fashion blog?

Below is a step-by-step action plan to help you move in the right direction.
Start by choosing your area of expertise. “Fashion” is a broad term used to describe many styles of clothing and accessories. …
Choose a unique yet memorable name. …
Make it look amazing. …
Create your marketing strategy.

What is the best fashion blog?

Image result for fashion blog
Many of these bloggers got their start on social media, and their keen eye for style didn’t go unnoticed by their followers.

These are the top 10 most famous and trendy fashion bloggers:
Egg canvas.
Fashion guitar.
Girl with curves.
Harper and Harley.
Hello fashion.
My Fashion Diary.
One Dapper Street.
Gracie Mercedes.


Are Fashion Bloggers Paid?

If you want to become a part-time blogger and spend two to three hours a day, you can earn between 15,000 to 20,000 rupees per month. You can also become a full time blogger and easily earn 50,000 to 60,000 rupees in a month.

How to start a fashion blogger?

How to Start a Fashion Blog: Your Step-by-Step Guide
Choose your niche.
Choose hosting and install WordPress software (it’s easy, don’t worry)
Optimize your blog with the perfect theme and quality plugins.
Create a consistent publishing schedule with good-looking images.
Market your blog on social media.

Is Fashion Blogging A Real Career?

There are immense opportunities for those who have a specific interest in fashion and blogging. Job profiles are always open in multinational fashion companies. You can also work as a freelancer on your own website.

Can anyone become a fashion blogger?

Fashion blogging is becoming increasingly popular among people who believe they have some sense of style and/or fashion and beauty that others will be interested in. Fashion blogging does not come with a specific set of rules. You are free to run the blog however you want.

What types of blogs are most successful?

Here are the most successful blogging categories.
Health and Fitness Blogs. …
Lifestyle Blogs. …
Fashion and beauty blogs. …
DIY Craft Blogs. …
Parenting Blogs. …
Business blogs. …
Personal Finance Blogs. …
Sports blogs.

Which blog is the most profitable?

The Most Profitable Blog Structures for 2023
Digital Marketing.
Blogging and making money online.
Health and fitness.
Personal Finance and Investments.
Recipes and food.
Personal development and self-care.

Which blogs are the most successful?

22 Blog Examples (of Successful Blogs) You Need to Know in 2023
Ryan Robinson’s Blog, Ryrob (Blogging, Marketing, SEO)
Copyblogger (Content Marketing)
HubSpot (Digital Marketing)
I Will Teach You To Be Rich (Personal Finance)
Smart Passive Income (Online Business)
Content Marketing Institute (Content Marketing)

Who is the number 2 blogger in India?

Amit Aggarwal

After receiving his degree, he worked at Goldman Sachs, where he met his wife. In 2004, he quit his job to start blogging at and other technology-related blogs. He has published several books and articles including CNBC TV18, Forbes India, India Today and Wall Street Journal.

Which blogs are most popular in India?

Ajay Jain, Kunzum.
Amit Bhawani, Amit Bhawani’s blog.
Shivya Nath, The Shooting Star.
Amit Aggarwal, Labnol.
Rukmini Re Kadam, True Matter.
Shraddha Sharma, YourStory.
Alan Claudius, Bowties and Bones.
Harsh Aggarwal, ShoutMeLoud.

How Much Do Indian Fashion Bloggers Earn?

So how much do Instagram influencers earn in India? Indian Instagram influencers interviewed with 140-400k followers said they charge ₹5,000 to ₹80,000 per post and make an average of ₹37,500 per post. They earn an average of ₹11.925 lakh per year.

What is the salary of a blogger?

The average blogger salary as of January 26, 2023 is $47,910, but the salary range typically falls between $40,461 and $52,681. Salary ranges can vary widely based on many important factors including education, certifications, additional skills, how many years you have spent in your profession.

How can I start a blog without money?

Here are the best free blogging sites you can use to start your own blog today:
Wix (
WordPress (
LinkedIn (
Weebly (
Medium (
Ghost (
Blogger (
Tumblr (

Is writing a blog easy?

The process is actually quite simple, and you’ll have your blog up and running before you know it. In this step-by-step guide, you’ll find all the guidance and tools you need to start a blog. You’ll learn how to get your website off the ground, write your first blog post, and attract loyal readers.

Is blogging a good career?

Career and future prospects

The answer is yes. Blogging is here to stay. In fact, it will increase in the coming years. Take an example; Google pays billions of dollars ($5 billion) to various publishers (bloggers) around the world every year.

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What are 2 disadvantages of blogging?

7 Disadvantages of Blogging You Should Consider
You can invest time, sweat and soul and get nothing in return. …
It takes a large upfront investment of time and work. …
It is much more difficult than it looks. …
Passion is not enough. …
Blogging for your business can really hurt you if you do it wrong.

What to avoid in blogging?

on this page
Blogging mistakes to avoid.
#1. Your audience doesn’t understand.
#2. Writing about many topics.
#3. Writing for you.
#4. Not publishing often enough.
#5. Poorly formatted posts.
#6. Forgetting to optimize for SEO.
#7. Not linked to other content.

How do I start my first blog?

How to write your first blog post
Consider your audience. …
Do keyword research…..
But don’t go overboard. …
Give information about yourself. …
Establish your editorial plan. …
Get inspired. …
Choose your tone and voice. …
Add strategic links.

What is the salary of a blogger?

The average blogger salary as of January 26, 2023 is $47,910, but the salary range typically falls between $40,461 and $52,681. Salary ranges can vary widely based on many important factors including education, certifications, additional skills, how many years you have spent in your profession.

What are the dangers of being a blogger?

Even if you blog under an assumed name or anonymously, your details can be traced. …
You may later regret what you blog about. …
Blogs are subject to defamation laws. …
Remember – what you post online stays online…

What is the best blog for beginners?

We have tested several of the best blogging platforms for beginners, which we will cover in this post to make it easier for you to choose what is best for you.

Best blogging platform in comparison … …
HubSpot CMS. …
Gator Website Builder by Hostgator. … …
Squarespace. …
Blogger. …

How soon can I start earning from my blog?

How long does it take to create a profitable blog? For most bloggers, even if they are complete beginners, it took them 6 months to a year to generate income from their blog. This duration varies depending on how well you follow the strategy and how much time and effort you put in each week.

What skills do bloggers have?

11 Life Skills I’ve Learned From Blogging:
writing. Certainly blogging has helped improve my grammar skills (less vs.  …
risk taking. Every time I hit “publish,” I take a risk. …
Being an entrepreneur. …
Networking. …
sale. …
Taking criticism. …
Be careful. …


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