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Best Comparing life insurance quotes 2022

Comparing life insurance quotes

Getting a life insurance quotes can be a great way to determine how much you will pay for an insurance policy. But not all life insurance companies offer the same type of coverage, so understanding what you’re looking for in a life insurance policy is important to choosing a policy that fits your needs and budget.

Best Comparing life insurance quotes 2022

Best Comparing life insurance quotes 2022

Knowing how to compare insurance quotes for life policies can help you decide whether a particular policy type or company is right for you. Bankrate’s insurance editorial team guides you through the basics of life insurance quotes, helping you learn about different policy types and how to choose coverage. Our goal is to give you the tools you need to compare life insurance quotes.

What is life insurance?

Life insurance is essentially a contract between you (the insured) and the life insurance quotes company. If you die during the coverage period, you pay the life insurance premium in lieu of the coverage amount given to your beneficiaries by the insurer. Your beneficiary – the person or persons you designate to receive the funds – will receive the face amount of the life insurance policy upon your death (assuming the policy is still active).


The face amount, also called the death benefit, is the amount payable to the beneficiary or beneficiaries at the time of your passing. Depending on the type of policy you have, the coverage will be guaranteed for your lifetime or expire at the end of the term of your chosen policy.

How to compare life insurance quotes

If you’re in the process of getting a life insurance quotes online, over the phone, or at an agency, you may be wondering how you can compare options to find the right fit for you. Here are some strategies you can use to compare insurance quotes to ensure you find a life insurance provider and policy that works for your needs.

1. Assess your needs

Your life insurance needs depend on your circumstances. Do you want coverage only until your children graduate from college? If so, a term life insurance policy may be right for you. Are you dealing with serious or long-term health concerns? You may want to check with companies that offer no-medical-exam policies. Do you use tobacco or nicotine products? You can compare life insurance rates from companies offering life insurance quotes for smokers to find a more affordable price. An insurance agent can help you pin down any specific needs you may have and recommend a policy type.

2. Research multiple life insurance providers

After determining your specific financial and coverage needs, you will need to find life insurance companies that offer the policy you need. If you are having trouble finding the information you need on an insurance company’s website, an insurance agent can help you learn more about the company. Once you have a list of life insurance companies that offer the type of policy you want, you can contact customer satisfaction and third-party agencies, such as J.D. Might want to compare each based on Power and AM Best’s financial strength rating.

3. Organize your information

You may find it helpful to create a spreadsheet or list with the names of the insurance companies, the types of policies you discussed, and the key features of each option. Note the various riders or benefits that the policy may offer. For example, the policy may have the option to include an accelerated benefit rider that allows you to access a portion of the death benefit while you are alive to pay for medical or long-term care expenses. This can greatly increase the value of the policy.

4. Compare your choices

Once you have all this information organized, you can compare side-by-side to see which policies give you the best value. For example, depending on your needs, an indexed universal life policy with an accelerated benefit rider may cost more than a term policy with no life benefits. Your financial advisor can also look at this information and give you some insight or advice on what might work best for you.

How much life insurance do I need?

If you find yourself asking “how much life insurance do I need?” At the beginning of your buying journey, you’re in good company. Determining the level of coverage to purchase is one of the first steps in purchasing a policy, but there is no clear answer. You’ll need coverage depending on how much debt you have, whether you want your death benefit to cover your loved ones, and if you want to leave a financial gift to your beneficiary or charity.

How much life insurance

How much life insurance

One way to determine how much coverage to purchase is to use a life insurance calculator. A calculator can help you determine how much coverage you need by considering a variety of factors, including your current debt level, funeral expenses, how many years of income you want to provide for your spouse or loved one, if you have children. . And if you want to leave behind a one-time financial gift. If you’re still not sure how much coverage to purchase, working with an agent can be helpful.

Types of Life Insurance Policy

There are multiple types of life insurance policies to choose from, all of which fall into two broad categories: term life and permanent life. The type of policy you choose will depend on your financial situation and what financial goals you are trying to achieve. Because not all insurance companies offer every policy type, it can be helpful to understand what each policy offers before getting a quote.

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Term Life Insurance Policy

Term life insurance is a popular option and is generally the least complicated in its function and features. This type of life insurance policy provides coverage only in the form of death benefit and has no cash value. For this reason, it is generally the cheapest form of life insurance available. But the coverage lasts only for the term specified in the policy; Once the term ends, the coverage ends, unless you have purchased a policy that has an option to renew or convert to a whole life insurance policy.

However, this option is not always available, so it is important to compare term life insurance companies if you want to add riders to your policy. Term life insurance quotes can be popular with small families with young children who rely on a single or primary financial contributor. It’s also generally a good choice if you only want coverage for a short period of time, such as while you’re paying off a mortgage.

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Permanent life insurance policy

Unlike term life insurance policies that are in effect for a specific period of time, permanent life insurance policies remain active for the duration of the policyholder’s life (as long as the premium is up-to-date). Another unique element to permanent life policies is that they can carry a cash value that can act as an investment vehicle.

Generally, permanent policies are more expensive than term life policies, so it is important to understand the differences between them in order to fairly compare life insurance rates. There are also a variety of permanent policies to choose from, so you’ll want to explore all the options available when getting a quote.

Whole life insurance policy

A whole life insurance policy is the most basic type of permanent life insurance quotes. Whole life insurance policies are designed to remain in force until the death of the insured. These policies also accrue cash value over time. A portion of your premium is placed in a cash-value account, which will grow at a guaranteed rate on a tax-deferred basis.

You can access this cash value through policy loans or withdrawals, but accessing the funds may affect the amount of death benefit your beneficiaries receive in the future. It is also worth noting that the cash value is generally only accessible while you are alive and will not be included in your death benefit. Whole life insurance quotes are easy, but these policies are usually more expensive than term coverage because they last your entire lifetime in most cases.

Universal life insurance policy

Universal life insurance is a form of permanent life insurance quotes with cash value and flexible premiums. Death benefits can also be flexible, allowing you to adjust your coverage as your needs change. Universal life policies accrue interest on the cash value of the policy and that interest rate will fluctuate with current interest rates.

Universal life insurance

Universal life insurance

Variable life insurance policy

Variable life insurance is a type of policy in which the cash value is held in a portfolio of mutual funds that invest in stocks, bonds, real estate and commodities. Because of this, your cash value amount may increase or decrease depending on market performance. It is also possible to get a higher rate of return with this type of policy than with other types of policies. Because these policies carry the highest risk, you should work with a financial advisor who is licensed to sell variable life insurance quotes.

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Final expense life insurance policy

Final expense life insurance is a specific type of permanent life insurance policy designed to pay for end-of-life expenses such as funeral and burial expenses. Many of these policies do not require medical underwriting, but coverage limits are relatively low and premiums can be comparatively higher than other types of coverage.

What type of life insurance policy is right for you?

Before shopping for the best life insurance quotes you should consider what type of financial need you want the policy to cover. Some needs may be temporary, such as paying off outstanding debt such as student loans or mortgages. But some needs may be long-term, such as increasing wealth or paying for funeral expenses.

If you have both temporary and permanent needs for life insurance quotes, you may want to consider purchasing a term policy that has an option to convert to a permanent policy later. Alternatively, you can choose to buy both a term policy and a permanent policy with different coverage amounts.

For example, let’s say you need $300,000 in coverage to help your spouse pay off your mortgage if you die. However, you want coverage for your funeral expenses even after paying off the mortgage. Getting a quote for a $300,000 term policy to cover your mortgage liability and a small amount in permanent life insurance for your end-of-life expenses can be better than just choosing one policy. If you have money saved or prepaid for your funeral, term life insurance is what you need. Discuss your situation with a financial planner or life insurance agent to find out which approach might be best for you.

What lifestyle factors affect my life insurance quotes?

Life insurance quotes consider multiple aspects of your life to determine your rate. For example, age is one of the biggest life insurance quotes rating factors and can also limit you on the coverage you can purchase. Life insurance for seniors is generally more expensive, as it is more likely that the elderly insured will die early in the policy term. While you can’t do anything about how old you are, there are other lifestyle factors that affect your life insurance quotes and rates:

Tobacco use: If you smoke or use chewing tobacco, buying life insurance quotes may cost more than a non-smoker. Smoking increases the risk of death, which means insurance companies will charge more for life insurance coverage.

Health condition: If you have a major health condition, you may end up paying more for your policy. Pre-existing conditions such as high blood pressure, cancer, heart disease, lupus, diabetes, lung disease and liver cirrhosis can result in more expensive premiums. If you are a particularly high-risk applicant for life insurance quotes, coverage without a medical exam may be a good option, although you should keep in mind that policies that do not require a medical exam are more expensive.

Prescriptions: A major health condition may not significantly affect eligibility or premium if the condition is well managed. Keep a complete list of your medications, including over-the-counter medications, for reference when you apply for a policy. The insurance company will need to know the amount of the dose, how often the medication has been taken and how long you have been taking it.

Family medical history: Most insurance companies also want to know a little about your family medical history. If you have a family history of heart disease, high cholesterol, or other major health conditions, you are more likely to develop these conditions.

Budget limitations: Your budget can determine how much life insurance quotes coverage you can purchase. Paying the premium once a year can help you avoid installment fees, but not everyone has the financial means to pay the annual premium. Discussing your payment options with the agent during the quote process can help you decide what works best for your situation.

How to save on your life insurance premium

Life insurance quotes can be an important part of your overall financial plan, but it can be expensive depending on your rating factors, the coverage limits you want, the type of policy you choose, and the riders you add. And, unlike auto and home insurance, life insurance doesn’t offer discounts to offset costs. Here is a list of steps you can take to potentially get a lower premium:

Quit using tobacco: Many life insurance companies offer cheaper rates to non-smokers than non-smokers. If you have a year or more of non-smoking history, you will be able to get better life insurance quotes.

Maintain a healthy weight: Those who fall into the overweight or obese category may pay more for life insurance quotes, as it may be associated with a higher risk of diseases that can affect mortality. By staying within what doctors consider a healthy weight range, you may find that life insurance is more affordable.

Manage your health conditions: If you have a health condition that requires medications, take them as prescribed. If lifestyle changes can help improve your condition, consider those habits as well. This can demonstrate to the life insurance company that you are actively working to manage your health condition based on your doctor’s treatment plan.

Consider different policy types: Term life insurance quotes typically costs a fraction of the cost of a permanent policy, since the coverage lasts for a shorter period of time and the death benefit is not guaranteed. Just remember that this coverage is temporary. For some, this may be ideal, but term coverage may not be available for older individuals.

Consider buying life insurance early: The older you are, the more life insurance will cost. Some term policies may offer the option to later convert to a permanent policy without re-qualifying for coverage.

How to apply for a life insurance policy

If you have found the company and type of policy that suits your needs, it is time to apply for the policy. Applying for life insurance is not difficult, but you will need some information available to fill out the application. Here are some steps you can follow to make the process as easy as possible:

life insurance policy

life insurance policy

Determine your policy details: If you are ready to apply for life insurance, you probably already know what your needs and coverage amount is right for you. If you haven’t, take the time to do so now.

Collect your information: Applying for life insurance quotes usually involves filling out an application, so you’ll want to have your personal and health information easily accessible. This includes your date of birth, height and weight, information about the medications you take and any health conditions you live with, and information about your family’s medical history.

Contact your preferred company and fill out an application: You can often get a quote online, or you can work with the company over the phone or at a local agency. Some companies also offer applications by mail. Once you know how the life insurance company of your choice works, you can fill out the application.

Follow Underwriting Steps: Each company has its own underwriting process and steps, so from this point you will need to follow the instructions given to you by your company or agent. Depending on the policy you choose, this may include contacting a medical exam company or scheduling a doctor’s appointment for an exam, answering additional health questions, or simply waiting to hear back from your carrier about your application. Not all life insurance policies require a medical exam and some may be issued more quickly than others.

If you’re not sure how to apply for life insurance quotes or what specific steps you need to follow, it’s best to ask your agent or life insurance company for clarification, as the process can vary between companies and policy types.




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